Prayer Partners Needed

It is an amazing thing when God begins to reveal what work He has in store for us.

Over the past four or five years, a definite unsettledness has rested upon me.  It has been difficult to put into words, let alone fully understand.  Some of the things I felt very excited about before, have become boring and humdrum.  I had been completely satisfied with my comfortable life.  But that began to change, gradually but steadily.  I no longer felt the satisfaction I once did with moving up the corporate ladder, and all the stuff that came with it.  I could not understand why.  It made no sense.  Nothing had really changed, all I knew was that I had no passion for the things I used to have passion for.

I originally thought, Mid Life Crisis.  This must be what it was.  It had to be why I was so frustrated.  I read a book called “Halftime”, and it helped a little, but it never fully answered all the questions I had.  The big one being, what was driving the changes?  So I began to pray.  At first, I started with, what can I do that matters for eternity?  I would sit and meditate, pray, write things down.  But I got nothing.  Then I started asking what my calling was.  Again, nothing.  I could not understand why He was not answering me.  Why was He so silent?  So I began looking at my skills.  Well, I had just completed my Master of Divinity in the Fall of 2011.   So I began thinking, maybe I should focus on becoming a Pastor.  So I began thinking of how I could start a church.  But the more I thought about it, the less I felt that was the right path.  As much as I would love to be a pastor, It just seemed that was not what God wanted.

Several years ago, my son did a prayer and praise night at the church we attended to pray for those caught in the evil web of human trafficking.  We had around 20 in attendance, and it was a powerful night.  After that, I began doing research and was appalled that such an evil was being perpetrated on innocent men and woman, and it was not being reported on, and nothing was being addressed by the church.  How could 30 million people be forgotten, or worse ignored.  The more I looked into it, the more I wept for them.  Women and children as young as eight years old, slaves, being sold for sex. Human beings being forced to work sixteen hours a day, seven days a week for no pay and meager rations.  And the church knows nothing, so few pray for them.  The passion for this cause began to build.

Then, just in the last couple of weeks, I read several books that absolutely changed my view of the Christian walk.  The first was “Passport through Darkness” by Kimberly L. Smith, co-founder of Make Way Partners, an organization that works to fight human trafficking around the world.  It chronicles her journey, as well as her husbands, in the work God led them into.  An absolutely powerful book that, in many ways, answered the question of why I was so unsettled and frustrated.  The other book was “Radical” by David Platt.  It echoed what I was feeling and why I was not satisfied with the life I was living.  Many of the thoughts in that book were things I had been struggling through, thought about, and desired for myself.  And through these two books, as well as fervant prayer and study of His Word, God began giving me answers to the questions I had.  I began to know what God was preparing me, and my wife Linda, to do. 

Do I have a definitive answer yet, no.  Do I know exactly what His plans for us are, no.  He has not yet chosen to make everything clear.  But one thing I do know, our lives will be radically different.  And I am content with that.  In talking with Linda, we have no problems leaving this life and everything behind to serve those who are helpless, hopeless, and in need of the gospel.  We are excited about the possibilities.  So many things are going through my mind.  It is wonderful and humbling at the same time. 

So, I bet you all are wondering why I wrote this.  Do not worry, I am not asking for money. What I am asking for is your prayers.  This is the beginning of something new and exciting.  And I want to bathe this in prayer and worship, praising the Almighty God whom I love and adore above anything or anyone else.  If He does not send us, I do not want to go.  But I know He is sending us somewhere. Pray we have the wisdom and the ability to hear His voice clearly and completely as He communicates to us.  Pray that we can become prepared to go out and be Christ’s hands and feet to a lost and hurting people.  This will probably not happen until we both retire in three or four years.  So we have the time to make ourselves ready both spiritually and practically.  Please, consider becoming prayer partners with us.  We would love for you to let us know if you will, but do not feel compelled to do so.  The one who knows is God, and that is good enough.

We love you all, and we pray God’s best for each of you.  May His hand of blessing be forever upon you, and may your relationship with God grow more intimate and beautiful.

In His Service and Love,

William Funkhouser!

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  1. Bill-
    After bumping into a mismatched couple at a gas station I was floored by what I realized it must've been. I later found that Atlanta is a gigantic hub for trafficking. If you need prayer I can help. If you need info I can help. Thankyou for making yourself useful to God.

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement and prayers. Any information you run across and can share with me would be very welcome. I wonder how many times when we have looked around us, have actually seen a trafficking victim and have not know it. God bless you in all you do for God and His Kingdom.

  2. I'm not a prayer warrior, I wish I was better at that. My dependence in this area is on Rom 8:26. This morning, at a restaurant, i was asked to watch a 6 yr old girl while grandpa visited the restroom. She didn't know me, I didn't know her. This little girl did not seem unnatural in her manner in any way. But, I can't help the thoughts that was racing through my head. A lot of what ifs. The 'grandfather' didn't allow her to sit by herself and wait….so that may have been a good thing. After I left the restaurant, I began to think of all the things I didn't do. Like asking her her grandpa's name and more about what they were going to be doing. What makes me think something may have been amiss……She asked me where 'we' were going? There may not have been anything to any of this…..maybe very innocent….but, I am left feeling I was in a situation that I could have changed things had I been better prepared. Pray for all the little Sabrina's out there!

    • Thank you for sending this to me. I appreciate it very much. You may not consider yourself a prayer warrior, but I believe you are a praying person, and that is who God can use. I will add you to my prayer list. It is difficult to tell whether a situation we see involves trafficking or not. And I, as well as many others, are all learning how to evaluate a situation to determine whether trafficking is involved. As you said, we need to pray for the Sabrina's of this world, and pray that God will illuminate our hearts and senses to see the truth in each situation we come across. And if you do suspect something fishy, start praying and call the Human Trafficking hotline at 1-888-373-7888. God bless you for your heart for those trapped in this vicious practice, and I do appreciate your prayers as we prepare and seek guidance from the Lord.

  3. Hi Bill and Linda,
    This is Wilce Martin, June and I will definitely pray wit, h you uys. In Him, Wilce

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