No Compromise

Remember the word that I said to you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours.  But all these things they will do to you on account of my name, because they do not know him who sent me.“  John 15:20-21

Jesus here is speaking with His disciples just days before His arrest in order to encourage them to be strong after He is gone.  The words, on the surface, do not sound all too encouraging.  They will be persecuted.  However, what Jesus is communicating to them is that they must remain strong during these times.  If we know something is coming we can prepare for it.  However, if we believe it would not happen or never expected it, we will find it difficult to cope.  We may be tempted to compromise in order to save ourselves or to fit in.  However, we must stay strong and continue to present the truth no matter the cost.  Jesus never said this Christian life would be easy, however He did say through His many teachings it would be eternally worth it.

How do you react when you are persecuted for your faith?  Do you become embarrassed?  Do you shut down?  Do you change the way you interact with others in order to make your faith less obvious?  Do you deny your faith?  It is important that we examine ourselves to see where we stand.  Pray and ask God to reveal where your heart is in this matter.  We must be honest with ourselves if we want to be strong and fruitful in fulfilling the calling He has given each of us.  How can we be a light to the world if they see us backing away when persecution comes?  Is this not hiding our message under a bushel so none can see?  Our answer to persecution should be joy.  Remember Peter and John in the book of Acts.  “Then they left the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for the name. And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching that the Christ is Jesus.“  Acts 5:41-42.  Not only did they not feel ashamed, they did not stop what they were doing.  They continued in the temple and going from house to house presenting the gospel message that Jesus came and died on a cross that the hearers of their message may be saved.

The message we are to share with the world is the most important message that has ever been given.  It is the message of salvation for all mankind.  It is the way we can be reconciled with God, the creator of all there is.  This message was given to us by the Father through His Son Jesus.  This is every person’s calling and our purpose for being here.  Is what man thinks of us more important than how the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God who has always been and always will be thinks of us?  This is what I mean when I say we must be all in.  If we have given everything to God, then this means our reputations as well.  This means how we are perceived by others; strangers, friends, family, co-workers, bosses, everybody.  We must be willing to stand up for the truth no matter the cost.  Are our lives more important then the message of God?  I think not.

I want to challenge all of us, and I include myself in this challenge, to become bold for the cause of Christ.  The apostle Paul never compromised the message no matter what they did to him.  He stayed true to Christ.  We read this in 2 Cor 11:23-33.  “Are they servants of Christ? I am a better one—I am talking like a madman—with far greater labors, far more imprisonments, with countless beatings, and often near death.  Five times I received at the hands of the Jews the forty lashes less one.  Three times I was beaten with rods. Once I was stoned. Three times I was shipwrecked; a night and a day I was adrift at sea; on frequent journeys, in danger from rivers, danger from robbers, danger from my own people, danger from Gentiles, danger in the city, danger in the wilderness, danger at sea, danger from false brothers; in toil and hardship, through many a sleepless night, in hunger and thirst, often without food, in cold and exposure.  And, apart from other things, there is the daily pressure on me of my anxiety for all the churches.  Who is weak, and I am not weak? Who is made to fall, and I am not indignant?  If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness. The God and Father of the Lord Jesus, he who is blessed forever, knows that I am not lying.  At Damascus, the governor under King Aretas was guarding the city of Damascus in order to seize me, but I was let down in a basket through a window in the wall and escaped his hands.

We must be willing to endure suffering for Jesus’ sake and remain true to Him.  Could we endure what Paul described above?  Would we be willing to die for the Cause of Christ as Paul and Stephen did as well as the eleven disciple of Jesus (Judas is excluded)?  This is an important question which you should include in your self examination.  How can we say we are all in if we are not willing to give even our life for the cause?  The times are getting more hazardous for Christians today, and it will only get worse.  It is important that we do not compromise our walk and the gospel given to us to share.  For if we do, then we put in jeopardy the eternal lives of those we are called to reach for Christ, as well as denigrating the message and the one who gave it to us.

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  1. Thank you Bill.

    • Thank You, Jodi. My Pleasure.

  2. Bill this is Joe Pope, I met you at Dean's Daughter's wedding. I certainly agree with you about persecution of Christians. The more active a Christian is, the more demonic forces will come against you. Persecution ranges from subtle, to torture / death. I have said many times that all new Christians should have 'orientation'. We become targeted by the enemy as soon as we declare our faith in Christ. Not only persecution , but, the many pitfalls of spiritual development. Spiritual warfare skills should be highly recommended for for all Christians………..GRACE & PEACE…Joe

  3. Thank You, Joe. I do remember you and your wife. Really enjoyed talking with you both. It is really getting harder for Christians to be open about being a Christian. However, it is so critical that we continue and actually make it even clearer that we will be bold and uncompromising in our faith. It is the only way the world will see the reality of this Christian walk. And I agree that persecution is the enemy's tactic to lessen the light we Christians shine forth. However, as we trust and go 'all in', our light will only shine brighter.

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