Lets Get Serious

A former Muslim who goes by the pseudonym Muhammad Kemel recently told the editor of ‘Why we left Islam’ the following, “Muslims all over the world are working hard to achieve [the] goal of submission of the entire world to Islam.”  This confirms what I have heard from many experts regarding Islam, that their goal is to convert the entire world to Islam, and kill those who will not submit.  This is especially true when Christians are involved.  There is no mercy for those who refuse to renounce Christ in favor of Allah.  We can see this especially in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria otherwise known as ISIS.  I received the following email sent from a friend regarding missionaries in Iraq which gives us first hand knowledge of this issue.

“Prayer Request from Dan and Marilyn Wilson. Missionaries who are in the areas that are being attacked by ISIS are asking to be showered in prayer. ISIS has taken over the town they are in today. He said ISIS is systematically going house to house to all the Christians and asking the children to denounce Jesus. He said so far not one child has. And so far all have consequently been killed. But not the parents. The UN has withdrawn and the missionaries are on their own. They are determined to stick it out for the sake of the families – even if it means their own deaths. They are very afraid, have no idea how to even begin ministering to these families who have had seen their children martyred. Yet he says he knows God has called them for some reason to be His voice and hands at this place at this time. Even so, they are begging for prayers for courage to live out their vocation in such dire circumstances. And like the children, accept martyrdom if they are called to do so. These brave parents instilled such a fervent faith in their children that they chose martyrdom. Please surround them in their loss with your prayers for hope and perseverance. One missionary was able to talk to her brother briefly by phone. She didn’t say it, but I believe she believes it will be their last conversation. Pray for her too. She said he just kept asking her to help him know what to do and do it. She told him to tell the families we ARE praying for them and they are not alone or forgotten — no matter what. Please keep them all in your prayers. This came this morning… Just a few minutes ago I received the following text message on my phone from Sean Malone who leads Crisis Relief International (CRI). We then spoke briefly on the phone and I assured him that we would share this urgent prayer need with all of our contacts. “We lost the city of Queragosh (Qaraqosh). It fell to ISIS and they are beheading children systematically. This is the city we have been smuggling food to. ISIS has pushed back Peshmerga (Kurdish forces) and is within 10 minutes of where our CRI team is working. Thousands more fled into the city of Erbil last night. The UN evacuated its staff in Erbil. Our team is unmoved and will stay. Prayer cover needed!” Please pray sincerely for the deliverance of the people of Northern Iraq from the terrible advancement of ISIS and its extreme Islamic goals for mass conversion or death for Christians across this region. May I plead with you not to ignore this email. Do not forward it before you have prayed through it. Then send it to as many people as possible. Send it to friends and Christians you may know. Send it to your prayer group. Send it to your pastor and phone him to pray on Sunday during the service – making a special time of prayer for this. We need to stand in the gap for our fellow Christians. Thank you for all your prayers !!!!”

— Dr. Becky Peters Professor of Education Director of Lutheran Teaching Programs, Colloquy, & Lutheran Placement Concordia University Irvine 949-214-3355

I pray you take my words in the spirit in which I say it.  We as Christians need to get serious about our walk in Christ.  And I am speaking to myself as much as to anyone else.  We often focus so much on trivial matters, forgetting there are people who are enduring extreme suffering because of their faith in Christ.  Children and adults are being slaughtered by the thousands simply for being Christians.  Children and adults are being be-headed, many are being crucified.  Many women are being separated from their families and married to ISIS fighters, sold as sex slaves, or married to older Islamic males infected with aids or other venereal diseases.  Many people are surrounded and left to die of starvation or dehydration.  And those perpetrating these atrocities are reveling and rejoicing in their opportunity to slaughter and torture Christians.

However, many of us are more concerned with trivial matters in comparison to what our brothers and sisters around the world are suffering for the cause of Christ.  Is what our favorite celebrity doing so important that we forget what is happening in the middle east?  Is how our favorite sports team performance more important than the fate of thousands of Christians around the world?  I am not saying we cannot enjoy our favorite programs or sporting events.  The issue is our priorities.  Do we pray and do what we can to encourage and support our brothers and sisters, or do we turn a blind eye because it takes away our joy?  By the way, I actually heard this from a Christian regarding sex trafficking.  Do we not understand that these things may come to a neighborhood near us?  Remember the young lady in Moore Oklahoma who was beheaded by a muslim convert Alton Nolen after attempting to convert the work force at Vaughan Food processing to Islam.  How about Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter who killed several soldiers in hopes of protecting his muslim brothers fighting in Afghanistan.  It is happening here, and I believe these crimes will increase in number and spread throughout the Western world.

If we are to remain true to Christ, we must focus on our relationship with our Lord Jesus the Christ, and make Him and His kingdom the most important thing in our lives.  We must develop our love and passion for God to be so strong we would not think about denying or renouncing Him.  My fear is that many who claim the title of Christian will deny Him when times get tough.  It is imperative that we do not rely on our own strength but on the strength given to us by God.  We need to ensure that we are strong and stand firm for Christ.  We also need to encourage brothers and sisters around us to make this walk in Christ their priority and not just one of many priorities, something we put on the back burner until it becomes important again.  Let’s make Christ our priority 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  As Francis Schaeffer put it, our Christian walk should be lived out moment by moment.  And since a moment is the smallest measure of time, this denotes all our time.   We need to get serious.  We need to pray without ceasing, learn all we can in order to teach others.  We need to help those less fortunate, and thus become a means to their salvation and growth. We must be a light to those in this world.  This way, when the suffering comes, we all shall remain strong and defy the enemy and stand firm for Christ.  Otherwise, we may give in to the enemy and give up on Christ and His kingdom. Remember the words of Jesus when He said, “For what does it profit a man to gain the world and forfeit his soul?” Mar 8:36.



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  1. Excellent, Bill.

  2. You shouldn't listen to all Muslims… This one your mentioned is not telling the whole truth

  3. @barbarakay23

    I agree that not all Muslims believe this. But unfortunately, there is a large percentage that do believe that all need to be under Islamic law, which means becoming Muslims. And it seems that those who do believe this are the ones that are strongly working to make this happen. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate getting feedback and discussing these types of issues.

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