On Compassion

“A Society that lacks Compassion, lacks a future”

This is a little different post than I normally write.  It is based on the case of little 10-year-old Sarah Murnaghan, who is dying from cystic fibrosis and needs a lung transplant in order to survive.  Without the transplant, she has a mere few weeks to live.  The doctors and surgeons say that she has a good chance of recovering and living a normal life if they can get the lung.  However, federal policy states anyone under the age of twelve must wait until there are no adults who need lungs before they can be offered one.  When Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was asked to make an exception so that this little girl could have a chance at life, her response was, in essence, that this was a difficult situation, and that she has requested in the last couple of a days a review of this policy.   However, this review could take up to a year to complete, long after Sarah has passed away.  According to Tom Price, Republican Representative from Georgia, all that is necessary for Sarah to receive an exemption is for Ms. Sebelius to sign an order to make it so.  However, she refuses to do so, because she does not want to get involved with this situation. 

Where is the compassion in our Secretary of Health and Human Services, after talking with the mother and visiting with Sarah, she can simply look into the issue and do nothing to save the young girl’s life?

Where is the compassion when the IRS will completely destroy a person’s life simply because that person has fallen on hard times and does not have the means to pay their taxes?

Where is the compassion in abortion providers, where when the baby is born alive, they can callously kill the child rather than providing the care necessary to help him/her survive?   In fact, where is the compassion in abortions anyway, either from the provider or the parents?

Where is the compassion when children, sometimes as young as five years of age, are made slaves and sold to men for sexual gratification?  And where is it in the men who buy them?

Where is the compassion when a woman is being beaten and kicked badly in a McDonald’s restaurant, and no one comes to her aid; they simply continue eating and then leave?

Where is the compassion when people can walk into a theater, school or workplace and just begin killing innocent men, women and children?

How can we see pain and suffering all around us and turn a blind eye and act like it does not exist?  We can do that because this country is suffering from a lack of compassion for our fellow man.   We, as a society, have become extremely narcissistic, caring only for ourselves with no thought at all for the pain of others.  I have seen heartless businessmen take advantage of the poor, laughing at them as they gloat over their good fortune.  And as the economy gets more difficult, those who are homeless, helpless and hopeless find themselves in worse shape because people are giving less and less.  Those who do not have the love of God are growing more selfish, and their hearts harder.

However, we as Christians must stand in sharp contrast to the spirit of this world.  We must be the light that shines in the incredible darkness we are seeing today.  We must be the ones that show love and compassion to those who have given up hope of receiving love and compassion again.  If we see anyone in trouble, we must be willing to do what we can to help them.  When we see someone in trouble, are we like the priest and Levite of Luke 10, or the Samaritan?  Will we truly be a good neighbor to those around us?  Will we be like the goats of Matthew 25, or the sheep?  Jesus’ life was a life of compassion and love.  Everyone He met who truly had a need, he would meet their need.  It was up to them to accept the help (see the story of the Rich Young Ruler.)  If we truly want to be Christ like, then we must put others in need before ourselves.  Jesus did this on the cross.

Brothers and Sisters, the world is filled with people who have no compassion for anyone but themselves.  However, we must not fall into the same mindset as the world.  There are many who are looking for someone to care, someone who will just show a little compassion, let them know that they matter.  That was the life of Christ; showing the world that they are loved and desired by the God of the universe.  And He did this by showing that He loved them, that He had compassion for their situation, and that He had a solution available to them.  Do we show everyone we love them, care for them, and have solutions for their problems?

This country is falling into the dark pit of immorality and apathy for our fellow man.  We are called to be light in the midst of this darkness.  For without us being the church as He has called us to be, many will find only despair and hopelessness.  Be the help and hope these people need and crave.  Shine the light of Christ into their situation, showing them there is a path to joy, peace and contentment.  That is our calling.

This country needs a resurgence of compassion.  Without it, there is no future for the USA, for it will destroy itself from within.   Let us be the compassion it needs.  Let us show this country compassion is possible, and be the example as to how to exhibit it.  We are the ones to hold back the darkness, through the power of God.  Let us rise up and be known as people who truly love, because He first loved us and gave Himself for us.  It is the right thing to do.

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  1. "We are the ones to hold back the darkness"–I copied this into my prayer journal.
    You write about a lack of compassion in the US and the world. I'm Canadian, and suspect that our cultures are very, very similar, except that Canadians are thought to be a little more peaceful 🙂 However, I've worked with people from many different countries and a comment I've often heard is that Canadians are kind. A recent trip to the Northwestern US confirmed that Americans are kind, too. Yes, we're lacking in compassion, but that's a WORLD problem, a world without Jesus Christ. So I agree with you, our light needs to shine in the darkness, and it's geting darker all the time.

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